Links to Richard's Muir Birthday Messages and other Muir writings:

Muir's 163rd—2001
Muir's 164th—2002
Muir's 165th—2003
Muir's 167th—2005
Muir's 168th—2006
Muir's 169th—2007
Muir's 170th—2008
Muir's 171st—2009
Muir's 172nd—2010
Muir's 173rd—2011
Muir's 174th—2012
Muir's 175th—2013
Muir's 176th—2014
Muir's 177th—2015
Muir's 178th—2016
Muir's 180th—2018
Muir's 181st—2019
Muir's 182nd—2020
Muir's 183nd—2021
Muir's 184th—2022

Muir, Save the Redwoods

Sierra Club's "John Muir Exhibit" Site

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